Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1 Sagar
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केन्द्रीय विद्यालय नंबर 1 सागर
Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1 Sagar
Tat Twam Pooshan Apaavrunu
CBSE Affiliation No. 1000007
Welcome to K V No.1 Sagar
CMP Initiatives
 Fun Day 2017-18

Yoga, Sports, Movie Show, Readers Club, Drawing & Painting, Mental Maths, Spoken English, Group Discussion, Poem Recitation, Word Quiz, Art & Craft, First-Ad & Personal Hygiene
 CMP News Letter 2017-18

CMP News letter has been Released.
 Saturday Activities 2017-18

Yoga session was taken by Mrs. Hemlata Yadav, (Yoga instructor)
Uniform System of assessment by M.S. Rajput, PRT (Exam I/c)
Communicative English Workshop taken by V. S. Lodhi Sir

 Co-Curricular Activities 2017-18

Community Lunch
Movie Show
CCA ~ Poem Recitation, Kavya Path, Drawing & Painting, Mehendi Comp., English Caligraphy, Cartoon Making,Sulekh, Gift Wrapping, Solo Songs

 Sports Activiteies 2017-18

Tennis Ball throw (Girls & Boys) Basketing the Ball (Girls & Boys), 50 Mtr. Race (Boys) Skipping Race (Girls), Sack Race (Boys) Needle & Thread Race (Girls), Tennis Ball throw ( Boys) Tennis Ball throw (Girls), Frog leap Race (Boys), Get Ready for School Race (Girls),Kho-Kho (Girls), League Matches,Kho-Kho (Girls) Finals, Kabaddi (Boys) League Matches, Kabaddi (Boys)
 Science Club Activities 2017-18

Awareness Programme on Health & Hygiene, Video Shows & Discussion on Origin of Earth and Life, Scientific Explanation of Miracles
 Excursion- 2017-18

Class- I,II & III has been Organised.
 Utilization of Saturday by Primary Teachers-Mrs. Renu Yadav and all PRTs-Head Mistress And PRTs-Work

To enhance logical thinking--All PRTs understand the importance of Creative Home Work
 Prepared the list of lesson to be taken through activities, OHP and Power Point (through LCD) of all

For the uniformity of activities on different classes & advance planning-Yes-
 PPT on Singular & Plural -Smt. Kalpana Thakur HM & Smt K. Dixit - PRT-HM-Hindi-Class III

To make the children aware of reles of Singular and Purals-Yes-
 PPT on -Shri V.N. Singh-PRT-Hindi-Class I

To make familiarise the children with -YES-
 Group Activity on -Mrs. Renu Yadav-PRT-EVS-Class V

Awareness about different sense organs & diffferent types of taste/s-YES-
 PPP on Wild Life Santuaries in India & their Location-Mrs. Renu Yadav-PRT-EVS-Class V

Awareness of different wild life sanctuaries in India. Importance & different between Zoo and wild life sanctuaries-yes-
 Classwise & Subjectwise list/s of TLM have been prepared for entire session 2009-10 by all concerned

Advance Planning of TLM (to be purchased monthwise) and used as per CMP-Expected to be achieved as per plan-
 Two PRTs per month have been alloted duty, on rotation basis, for the purchase of TLM as per the lis

Month wise purchase of TLM to be used for effective learning class room-Expected to be achieved as per plan-Teachers are in the process of preparing transparencies, PPTs etc to be used for session 2009-10