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 GarhPehra Mandir (12 km)-

-Famous Hanuman Mandir on the hill.
Fort,Sheesh Mahal.A good picnic spot. A small market with all facilities.-By bus on Sagar Jhansi National Highway.
Auto, tempo and private Vehicles.

 Hanging Bridge(15 km)-

-On river bebus near sanodha,an iron hanging bridge was there which had destroged in flood of 1944.It was only bridge of such type in India.-By Taxi
 Rahatgarh Water Fall And Fort(40 km)-

-A good picnic spot.River water flows through and falls very deep,makes water fall.Spot is in forest.Nature itself increases the beauty of the spot.-Sagar Bhopal Road.
Near Rahatgarh.
By Sagar Bhopal Bus or Taxi.

 Police Traning college & Fort(0 km)-

PTI College-Police traning college for Sub Inspectors , Subedars and DSPs.It is situated in the fort.Fort is well maintained because of traning college.-In the centre of city , On the bank of Jheel between Gaubhat and ChakraGhat.
 Nainagir(7 km)-

-It is famous Jain "Tirth Sthan".-By Bus-Sagar Chhatarpur Road.
7 Km from Main road near Dalpatpur town.

 ORCHHA(0 km)-

-A village of Prithvipor tehsil, Orchha is situated on the Betwa river at a distance of about 13 km from tehsil headquarter. It is 15 km from Jhansi(U.P.). Orchha is linked by the rail on Jhansi-Manikpur section of the Central railway. rchha was the capital town of the state. It was founded by Maharaja Rudra Pratap Singh in 1531 A.D. The name Orchha or Ondchha is traditionally derived from scoffing remark of a Rajput Chief who on visiting the site selected for capital town. On an island in the Betwa which has been surrounded by the battemented wall, and approached by a causeway over a fine bridge of fourteen arches, stands a huge palace fort mainly the work of Maharaja Bir Singh Dev. It consists of several connected buildings constructed at different times. The finest of these are the Raj Mandir and Jahagir Mahal. Orchha is famous religious centre of Hindus. It is known for its religious and cultural heritage. The following places are famous in the town :

- Ram Raja Temple

 JATARA(0 km)-


The headquarter town of the tehsil of the same name is situated on the Tikamgarhau-Ranipur road at a distance of 40 km from Tikamgarh. The nearest railway station is Mau Ranipur (U.P.). It lies below the level of Madan Sagar Lake. The lake is long and broad. It retained by two dams of great length. These dams are built by the Chandella Chief Madan Varman(1129-67) after whom the lake is called Madan Sagar. The Canals of the lake flows through the heart of the town. The place is of considerable interest of containing many Muhammadan buildings, most, if not all the later Mughal style Shahjahan.

-situated on the Tikamgarhau-Ranipur road at a distance of 40 km from Tikamgarh.

 DHAMONI(0 km)-

-Dhamoni, Tehsil Banda

Dhamoni, Tehsil Banda - A village situated 24 degree 10' N and 78 degree 45 E, 29 miles North of Sagar on the Jhansi road has a rich historical past.Though know deserted it was a place of sufficient importance to be a Garh in the Kingdom of Garh Mandla and has 750 mouzas. Dhamoni is undoubtedly a place of archaeological interest on account of old ruins. The fortress stands on an eminence and has a triangular ground plan enclosing a space of 52 acres.


-Rahatgarh, Tehsil Sagar

A small town 60 km west of Sagar on Bhopal Sagar Road renowned for its battlement ramparts, its gates and its ruins of palaces temples and mosques. It is picturesquely situated on the steep bank of the river Bina which is crossed at this point by a fine bridge of fourteen arches, completed in 1863. Close to the town stands the famous fort of Rahatgarh. It outer wall consists of 26 enormous towers, some of which were used as dwellings connected by curtain walls and enclosing a space of 66 acres. Two miles away from the fort is a waterfall nearly 50 feet high in picturesque surroundings-

 Lakha Banzara Jheel(0 km)-

-In the heart of the city.Chatra Ghat,fort,Parkota,Sanichari touri,Bus stand , Gopalganj are all around it.It has a special history.-At the centre of city by the side of main bus stand.From the railway station you can reach there by auto.
 Dr.Sir Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya (2 km)-

-Oldest and biggest university of Madhya Pradesh. Unique University in india which is founded by the funds donated by a single man advocate Dr. Harisingh Gour. -Via Civil Line by any vehicle. Auto are available every time from civil lines Sagar.


A important village situated 5 km south of Tikamgarh town on the bank of the Jamdar river. This place is famous for kundadev Mahadev temple. It is believed that Shiv Linga has emerged from Kunda . In the south of it, there is beautiful picnic spot known as 'Barighar' and a beautiful waterfall known as 'Usha Water Fall'. The village possesses Achreological Museum and Vinobha Sansthan. Maharaja Birsingh deo established the Keshva Sahitya Sansthan which was partonized by Pandit Banarsidas Chaturvedi and Yaspal Jain during their stay at Kundeshwar. Three big Melas held at Kundeshwar annually. An important fair attended by 50,000 persons held in pouse/Magh (January) on the occasion of Sankranti. Second held on the occasion of Basant Panchimi and third held on the Kartik Ekadasshi in the month of October/November-


-Abchand, Tehsil Sagar

In the ravines of river Gadheri, ensconced in the dense growth of Abchand reserve forest ( 23 45' N and 78 55' E), about 22 miles east of Sagar on the Sagar-Damoh road, exist about a dozen rock-cut caves with paintings of the same type as found at Singhanpur and Adamgarh. The largest cave is about 40 feet in length and its walls contain more than a dozen paintings showing activities of the pre-historic men. The hunting scenes represent individual or group of hunters. They are equipped with bows and arrows, spears and other weapons. The game animals shown in these paintings are bison's, bulls, deer antelopes, tiger, boars etc. In one of the Shelters a fierce fight between two tigers is fitfully depicted. The primitive people seem to have amused themselves with songs and dances. At one place seven figures are shown dancing hand-in- hand in a row. In front of them are played instruments like drums, dhapli and flutes. The colours used in these paintings are y


Bharat Oman Refineries Limited is located at Bina, Dist. Sagar in Madhya Pradesh and it is 135 km from Bhopal.

Nearest important rail junction to the refinery is Bina, which is 9.0 Km from the site

The nearest airport is Bhopal, which is 135 Km away from the Bina Refinery site. Bhopal is well connected by rail & road to Bina.

Bharat Oman Refineries Limited is located at Bina, Dist. Sagar in Madhya Pradesh and it is 135 km from Bhopal.

Nearest important rail junction to the refinery is Bina, which is 9.0 Km from the site

The nearest airport is Bhopal, which is 135 Km away from the Bina Refinery site. Bhopal is well connected by rail & road to Bina.


Sagar is located at Central part of Madhya Pradesh. The district is well connected by Road & NH-26, NH-2 and Railway Network. Some of the main locations are Bina, Khurai, Rahatghar, Rehli, Garhakota, Deori and Banda.


Sagar District is a district of Madhya Pradesh state in central India. The town of Sagar serves as its administrative center.

The district has an area of 10,252 km, and a population of
2,021,783 (2001 census), a 23% increase from its 1991 population of
1,646,198. Sagar is bounded by Lalitpur District of Uttar Pradesh state to the north, and the Madhya Pradesh districts of Chhatarpur to the northeast, Damoh to the east, Narsinghpur to the south, Raisen to the southwest, Vidisha to the west, and Ashoknagar to the northwest.

Sagar District is an extensive, elevated and in parts tolerably level plain, broken in places by low hills of the Vindhyan sandstone. It is traversed by numerous streams, chief of which are the Sunar, Beas, Dhasan and Bina rivers, all flowing in a northerly direction towards the valley of the Ganges.
In the southern and central parts the soil is black, formed by decaying
trap; to the north and east it is a reddish-brown alluvium. Iron ore of
excellent qu


[edit] Places to Visit
The city is a beautiful scenic town with gently rolling hills of Bundelkhand which provide panoramic views of lovely Sagar Lake. The lake was founded by Lakha Banzaara tribe in early 1100 AD. The lake is also laps the ramparts of the Sagar Fort. This fort now houses the MP Police Training College. Some interesting places to visit around the region are:

Rahatgarh Waterfalls and Fort.
Balaji Temple.
Rangir Temple .
Garpehra Fort.
Abchand Caves
Khimlasa Fort
Dhamoni Mosque
Shiva Temple Dhana
Neoradehi Reserved Forests & Sanctury
Sagar Jheel
Mangal giri Temple
Varun Smriti Udhyaan
The City is also a paradise for those looking for traditional cuisine, having a multitraditional cosmopolitan feel peculiar to the central Indian towns. For early morning breakfast have a fill of juicy-crispy Jalebis - here traditionally eaten with curds(yoghurt), augmented with Samosas. Several other unique(to the region) sweets are delight for culinarily inclin


Eran, Tehsil Khurai
An ancient site lying at the junction of Bina and Reuta rivers, 6 miles from Bamora station on the central railways. By its natural situation, Eran is at the gate of Bundelkhand on one side and Malwa at the other. The name is derived from the abundant growth of ERAKA, a sort of grass of emollient and diligent properties. The village of Eran has a most interesting collection of archaeological relics. There is a fort in rulings attributed to the Dangis, who formerly dominated over this region. The site had a number of Vishnu shrines but nothing now remains except some of the lower courses of masonry, four standing columns with their architrave and some beams and part of door ways. The Principal statue is a colossal Varaha about 10 feet high. The excavation conducted by the Department of Archeology of the University of Sagar have yielded relics similar to those found at Maheshwar and Tripuri showing that Eran formed the Northern most limit of the Chalcolithic culture


Rangir, Tehsil Rehli
Harsiddi Devi of RangirA village situated 10 miles from Rehli and 21 miles from Sagar on Sagar Rehli Road on the bank of the Dahar river. It was site of an engagement between Chatrasak Bundela and Khaliq, the Mugal Fauzdar of Damoni. On the adjoining Hill stands a temple of Harsiddi Devi in whose honour fairs are held in the months of Asvina and Chaitra.

The Chaitra fair is an important one and large number of people visit the temple. The image of the goddess is held in great veneration and people believe that she changes her form thrice every day, as a child at dawn, a young girl at mid day and an old women in the evening. A government rest house of forest department is located here.


"SAGAR" means ocean where the water of purity exist. In the vedic era, it was the theme of our ethical values that because of "SAMUDRA MANTHAN", the "AMRIT" was obtained, which became the "PRANVAYU" of religious atmosphere like wise. Sagar town is also known because of huge lake situated in the heart of the city.
By the close of the 13th century the entire area comprised of as the present sagar was occupied by the family of Dangees. However, Sagar was founded by Udan Shah said to have made the first settlement on the present site of sagar town in 1660. He founded a village known as Perkota, which now forms a part of the town. He also built a small fort. His grandson Prathipal was a man of weak character and licentious habits. It was during his regime that Raja Chhatrasala of Panna sent his sons, Hirde Shah and Jagat Rai, to conquer him. Prathipal offered no resistance and surrendered his dominion with its headquarters Garhapahara. He was there after allowed to live peac